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Posing can be one’s worst nightmare, but it does not need to be.  With just a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will soon grow to love the posing process. In this article, I will explain how you can master the art of female poses.

Whether you are a photographer or a female model, these tips will help you show up to your next session with a lot of confidence.

 Works very well outdoors, on the grass or in a wild flower meadow.


  • Standing Poses (Straight On) with No Props
  1. One knee must be bent and the entire leg leaning almost over the other leg to create an “S” shape.
  2. For an easier option, have the female model cross her one leg over the other to create a sleek shape.
  3. The placement of arms must allow for light to move between her body and arms, which will accentuate her waist.
  4. Watch her posture so that her shoulders are not slumped.
  5. If the model is feeling self-conscious, demonstrate the pose yourself and make the environment a relaxed one.
  6. Create different shapes with the body.
  • Standing Poses (Totally Sideways)
  1. Shoot a closer view of the model so that it almost seems like she is peeping over her shoulder at you, thus creating a more intimate shot.
  • Standing with Back Against a Wall
  1. The model can lean flat against the wall or slightly angled towards the camera.
  2. If your model is looking away from the camera, give clear instructions of where to look i.e. look straight at
  3. that red car or look up towards that tower.
  4. If your model is looking away, watch the whites of her eyes as too much of the white may look unappealing.
  5. For different emotions, give the model a narrative e.g. imagine you are waiting for your lost love or you have just won the lottery.


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